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About the Project

Code for Visitor Hit Counter is a project started in 2009 who's purpose is to provide super fast and easy hit counters. The counters have 4 main criteria.

Just pick a color and we will automatically generate the code you need.

Fastest counter on the web. Our visitor hit counter script is less than .18kb (less than 1/5 of 1kb) What does this mean for you the end user? Well it means this script won't slow your page down.
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Thanks for using our Counter!

Thanks for visiting our page. If you clicked a link from another site and ended up here, and are interested in counting visitors to your craiglsist, mypsace, facebook, website, blog, or other web presence then we have you covered.

Be sure to bookmark our website , and come back anytime you want to find out how many people are visiting your website.
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